Reflector 12V

What sort of 12V Reflector Halogen lamp do you want?

12V halogen lamps are most commonly found in Spotlights, Downlights and Exterior lights. There are quite a few variants the list below gives some explanation of the various types.

MR16 Halogen Lamps are 50mm Diameter, MR11 Halogen Lamps are 35mm Diameter

Alu-Backed – Aluminium backed halogen lamps push all the heat forwards, this is better for the fixture but these lamps often come at a slightly higher price. If you are having issues with your Halogen lamps blowing quickly its worth trying Aluminium backed lamps to see if reducing the heat in the fixture helps.
Dichroic Standard – These lamps have a standard Halogen output and Life, because they have a dichroic reflector light most of the light is pushed forwards while most of the heat is pushed backwards which can be good in a commercial environment.
Dichroic High Quality – These lamps notably the Osram Titan and the Radium Mega have longer life and higher output than standard lamps, all lamps lower in light output as they get older, but these lamps are designed to dimish much less, great for high quality domestic use and retail shop lighting.